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Industrial Surplus
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About Surplus Sales USA
Investment Recovery Programs
We help you manage your surplus inventory by . . .

providing turnkey solutions

warehousing, marketing, and selling your company’s idle industrial surplus assets for a percentage of the sale. If you are going through a reduction in inventory, contact us before automatically giving it to a local scrap dealer who will only give you scrap prices. What makes us different from surplus and scrap buyers is our ability to increase your return on investment on select items from 10%-300% above scrap rates. Yes, sometimes it is quicker to just have your local surplus company stop by and take these items, but you are just putting money in their pockets when you don’t know the true value of your assets.

offering a consignment program to sell your surplus equipment from your facility or from ours. Slow moving inventory can tie up valuable warehouse space and money. Don't let this industrial surplus inventory negatively affect your bottom line. With resource cuts due to our current economic environment, many of you are handling many additional responsibilities and just don’t have time. 

purchasing new and used industrial surplus or out of production parts and equipment from storeroom inventory reductions

purchasing obsolete parts and equipment from bone yards or laydown yards. 

buying and selling industrial surplus parts and equipment. Are you scraping old electric motors in your scrap bins? We can often buy them and resell them to companies who buy motors and rebuild them giving you much better prices than just scrap value.

providing a scrap management strategy to meet your specific needs and sending you a monthly check with supporting documentation of your sold scrap. 

Call us today at 704-754-6160 to discuss your industrial surplus program.