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Industrial Surplus
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Industrial Boneyard Cleanup | Laydown Yard Removal Services

Surplus Sales can turn your “laydown yard” or “boneyard” into cash! While some items in the boneyard may have been temporarily placed in a laydown yard, over time it can become lost, forgotten or obsolete. With consolidation of job responsibilities and reductions in workforce, the boneyard gets neglected due to other pressing matters that must take priority. Many times we have spoken with companies about purchasing their surplus equipment and machinery or offering boneyard | laydown yard cleanup services, and we hear “I just don’t have time to bother with it now” or “I have no idea what is out there and I don’t have time to make a list.” Meanwhile, valuable assets that may have worked when placed in the boneyard are exposed to weather that destroy or decrease the value from working equipment to scrap.

Our experienced and safety conscious staff offers efficient and responsible solutions for your boneyard site cleanup. We can evaluate your surplus equipment and machinery in your boneyard through photos or a site visit. Surplus Sales can provide all needed labor and equipment to organize and cleanup your boneyard. We carry major liability and auto insurance to protect our clients. Surplus Sales will not only assist you to recover the value of your scrap metal materials, surplus and obsolete equipment, but we will ensure you receive the highest monetary return. We are located in North Carolina and have completed boneyard cleanups in many states including Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia to name a few. Let Surplus Sales assist you with recovering the value of your scrap, surplus equipment and machinery in your boneyard. 

Call us today at 704-754-6160.